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Complete Specifications Aluminium Disc for Traffic signs

Metal discs play vital roles in industry, serving as components in machinery, such as washers and spacers, facilitating rotational motion in gears, and aiding in heat dissipation as heat sinks in electronics. In automotive engineering, they're crucial as brake rotors in disc brake systems. These discs also find use in structural support, acting as components in trusses and support beams. Moreover, in manufacturing, they're employed for precise measurements and calibration. From currency to artistic mediums, metal discs exhibit versatility across various sectors, underlining their significance in industrial processes and applications.

    Key attributes

    Industry-specific attributes


    1000 Series 3000 Series 5000 Series



    Place of Origin

    Shandong, China




    Cookware, pot, kitchen utensil


    Customized Color

    Processing Service

    Bending, DE coiling, Punching, Cutting


    1 Ton


    We can supply 1-5 pieces free samples.


    Flat clean surface without scratches, wholes, oil dirty, oxidation; cutting edge no burrs


    GB/T3880, ASTM, B209


    Q1. How long is your delivery time?
    A: About 15-30 days after payment received.

    Q2: What's your payment term?
    A: Down payments 30% TT and 70% of the balance payment shall be paid before delivery.

    Q3: Can you accept customize?
    A: Yes. It can be customized as per the customer's request.

    Q4: How to ensure the quality?
    A: All our products have undergone strict quality inspection before packing, and unqualified products will be eliminated. We can accept the third-party inspection.

    Q5: How can I get your quotation as soon as possible?
    A: The email will be checked within 24 hours, meanwhile, the WeChat and WhatsApp will be online in 24 hours. Please provide order information (total tons) and specification (the grade, width, thickness, diameter, and more),we will give you the best price as soon as possible.

    Product information

    Aluminium discs for traffic signs are specialized components engineered to meet stringent requirements for durability, visibility, and regulatory compliance. Crafted from high-grade aluminium alloy, these discs boast exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring prolonged outdoor exposure without deterioration. Their precisely machined edges guarantee uniformity in shape and size, facilitating seamless integration into traffic sign assemblies.

    These discs are meticulously coated with reflective materials, enhancing visibility under varying lighting conditions, crucial for ensuring road safety and compliance with traffic regulations. Their lightweight yet robust construction allows for easy handling during installation while maintaining structural integrity over extended periods.

    Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and exposure to UV radiation, these aluminium discs offer unparalleled longevity, minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring consistent performance throughout their lifespan.

    Whether used as substrates for regulatory signage or as integral components in traffic management systems, aluminium discs for traffic signs exemplify reliability and functionality, embodying the essential role of precision-engineered components in promoting safe and efficient transportation infrastructure.

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