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Development and Prospects of China's Fastener Industry


Production and Scale

By 2022, China's fastener production has reached approximately 9.29 million tons, expected to further increase to 9.7798 million tons by 2023. Despite the large market size, the industry faces intense competition due to numerous manufacturing enterprises, with an average revenue of around 100 million yuan per company. The fastener industry holds a significant market share in the national economy.

Industry Chain Analysis

The fastener industry's supply chain encompasses upstream raw materials, fastener production equipment, and a wide range of downstream applications. Upstream raw materials include steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, while downstream applications cover various industries. For instance, the automotive manufacturing sector requires a substantial quantity of bolts, nuts, screws, and other fasteners, and the construction sector relies on fasteners for connecting structural components.

International Standards and Quality Improvement

China's fastener industry standards are gradually improving, with domestic enterprises actively participating in the formulation of international standards. This contributes to enhancing the quality and competitiveness of China's fasteners. In recent years, Chinese fastener manufacturers have not only gained recognition in the domestic market but also secured a certain market share internationally.

High-Quality Growth and Innovation

The fastener industry is moving towards the development of high-end products and high-quality growth. Companies are actively promoting technological innovation to enhance product performance and reliability. Some enterprises have already begun researching and developing smart fasteners to meet the future demands of intelligent manufacturing.

Export Trade and International Cooperation

China's fastener industry's export trade continues to evolve. With the advancement of the "Belt and Road" initiative, cooperation between China and other countries is expected to strengthen. Chinese fastener products will have better access to the global market, providing high-quality fasteners for international markets.

Future Outlook

Over the next five years, the market size of China's fastener industry is expected to continue expanding. With technological advancements and changes in market demand, the fastener industry will encounter both opportunities and challenges. We anticipate that China's fastener industry will continue to make significant contributions to the high-quality development of the national economy.