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Wallboard card buckle for customer/Wall buckle/ Wall Panel Buckle

General Uses and Functionality

Wall buckles, often utilized in construction and interior design, play a pivotal role in organizing and securing cables, wires, and lightweight items against walls or ceilings. These devices offer a neat and efficient solution for managing electrical wiring, ensuring that cables are kept safe from damage and out of sight, which is essential in both residential and commercial settings for safety and aesthetics. Wall buckles are also used in hanging lightweight decorations, tools, or equipment, providing a secure anchor point that minimizes damage to walls. Their application extends to securing items in a fixed position, preventing them from being moved or tampered with, which is particularly useful in public spaces or areas prone to vibration. Furthermore, wall buckles are instrumental in the layout of audio-visual and computer networking installations, where organized cabling is crucial for functionality and maintenance.

    Key attributes

    Industry-specific attributes


    Stainless steel


    The customer order


    50*36*0.45mm/Customers' Request

    Product name

    Wall buckle

    Surface treatment

    zinc plating




    Building materials hardware

    Supply Ability

    100000-300000 Piece/Pieces per week


    Q1. How long is your delivery time?
    A: About 15-30 days after payment received.

    Q2: What's your payment term?
    A: Down payments 30% TT and 70% of the balance payment shall be paid before delivery.
    Q3: Can you accept customize?

    Q3: How can I get your quotation as soon as possible?
    A: The email will be checked within 24 hours, meanwhile, the WeChat and WhatsApp will be online in 24 hours. Please provide order information (total tons) and specification (the grade, width, thickness, diameter, and more),we will give you the best price as soon as possible.

    Product information

    Specific Applications and Security Measures
    Beyond basic cable management, wall buckles serve specific roles in enhancing security and maintaining structural integrity. In retail environments, they secure displays and signage, ensuring that promotional materials are safely mounted. Wall buckles also contribute to safety in homes and workplaces by securing furniture and appliances to walls, reducing the risk of tipping or movement that could lead to accidents or damage. In art galleries and museums, they are used to securely mount exhibits, protecting valuable items from theft or accidental damage. Additionally, in areas with seismic activity, wall buckles can provide an extra layer of security by anchoring items firmly to prevent shifting during tremors. The selection of a wall buckle depends on the weight of the item to be secured, the type of wall material, and whether the application requires a temporary or permanent solution. Their discreet design and ease of installation make them an indispensable tool in creating safe, organized, and aesthetically pleasing environments.

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